Sniff Sniff Sniff


Bethanie Murguia

A long time ago...
I fell in love with picture books. Those tales, in conjunction with my adventures as a young naturalist (rarely could I be found without a frog in a pocket), inspired me to create my first picture books, drawn with marker and bound with entire rolls of scotch tape. That was 35 years ago. I continued to enjoy drawing and writing throughout my school years.

Not quite so long ago...
I did my graduate study at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan where I received my MFA in Illustration. I had the honor of studying with legendary fine artists, illustrators and authors. I was awarded a merit scholarship after completing my first year of work in the program. While in NYC, I worked as an art director for various publications. After relocating to the Bay Area, I continued to work as an art director for design and marketing firms. I also began to paint again; my award-winning watercolors have been displayed in a variety of galleries.

Fairly recently...
I took on the challenging and extremely rewarding role of "mama". This step away from the hectic pace of art direction has allowed me to return to creating children's picture books, inspired by daily adventures with my two daughters and our faithful dog, Disco.

As time goes on, it is the opposing forces that keep me intrigued -- light versus shadow and spontaneity versus control. The interplay and resolution of these conflicts engage me every time I paint.