The Cockatoo, Too launch party took place on January 9th, and you can probably tell from the photos below that we had just a wee bit of fun. We made masks, we ate cookies, we wore tutus, we read, we sang, we danced. Many thanks to Diesel Bookstore and Little Bee Books for their wonderful support.

Speaking of support, I’ve been so touched by the positive reactions to Cockatoo, Too. There have been many wonderful reviews, but perhaps my favorite is this one from Margie Myers-Culver, librarian and incredible book advocate. And the very best quote? “It’s a wordplay wonder!” Ahhhh, LOVE that.

I’ll be at Book Passage in Corte Madera for the Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Conference on January 23rd and 24th (for adults). I’ll be doing an evening event at Books, Inc. on February 3rd (for children) and another at Book Passage on February 7th (for children). In early February, my book tour heads east to NY and then south to Los Angeles. Please have a look at the events page for more details.

I hope you enjoy the photos!