30 Lessons Learned, #16: You May Become Paranoid

This is likely to happen if you have two children in the house AND your kitchen is your studio. Or maybe it just happens to everyone?

I purchased a very sturdy cardboard box for my final pieces. Still, as the stack of finished art grew, I started to worry about water, milk and flying cheddar bunnies. My daughter's social life suffered because I was afraid to have roving gangs of children in the house. Then, I began to worry about natural disasters. I have never been so happy to safely deliver a package of ANYTHING in my life. And, because I live close to Tricycle Press, I was able to hand deliver the art. Very satisfying!

I was at a conference where Barney Saltzberg mentioned that all of the art for one of his books had been thrown away by a janitor at the printer. He had a very zen response, choosing to look at the experience as a sign and an opportunity for growth. I think I need to meditate more. A lot more.