30 Lessons Learned, #30: Keep it simple (It's Giveaway Time!)

I am very excited to announce that I'll be giving away signed copies of Buglette, The Messy Sleeper. I promise to keep it simple, in the wake of reading this blog post (check it out for a good chuckle).

Just leave a comment on THIS blog entry on or before May 21st. That's it! You don't need to jump through any blogging, Facebook or Twitter hoops. Winners will be announced here on Wednesday the 25th. I will be giving away one signed copy of Buglette for every 10 comments I receive, up to 50 comments. If I receive over 50 comments, I'll add a framed original illustration to the giveaway as well. Winners will be chosen from a random drawing. I can ship only to the US. My apologies to friends abroad. 

So, go ahead and comment below. Your comment can be as simple as "I want a book". Please spread the word!

Thanks to those of you who have stuck with me from the beginning as well as all newcomers. Don't forget to check back here Wednesday, May 25th for a list of winners AND another fun giveaway.