buglette the messy sleeper


ISBN: 978-1582463759

publisher: Tricycle Press/Random House

oppenheim toy portfolio gold seal

All sleepers will adore Buglette—a tidy little bug by day, a messy little sleeper at night. Thats when she tosses and turns and kicks and flips while she dreams of doing BIG things like building mountains and kicking balls over the moon. Whimsical watercolor illustrations of a ladybug family and an endearing story about being different, dreaming big, and learning to be brave will appeal to children with wild imaginations, messy sleepers or not. 

“The watercolor illustrations in nature’s colors are appealing, and Buglette’s action-packed dreams are charmingly depicted.”
Kirkus Reviews

Many children will recognize their own nightmares in images of the huge, scary crow…and they will savor the little bug's final, victorious standoff.—Booklist


Color your dreams (coloring page pdf)

Color Buglette as she sleeps on her leaf. Fill the dream bubble with a new dream for Buglette or one of your own.

Buglette door hanger (pdf download)

Simply print, cut along the black lines and glue the two sides of the door hanger together.

Make your own bed (art project pdf) 

What do you keep in your bed? Special blankets? A doll? Your favorite pajamas? Color, cut and use glue to make a bed with all of your favorite things.

Buglette, the Messy Sleeper discussion/activity guide (pdf download)