snippet the early riser


ISBN: 978-1582464602

publisher: knopf/Random house


Snippet is a typical snail. He loves to draw. He loves to play soccer. He loves piggyback rides. But unlike other snails, he does not love to sleep in. While his family is snoozing the morning away, he is wide awake and determined to rouse his family. But how? Snippet the Early Riser is the perfect bedtime (or wake-up time!) tale, celebrating early birds and late snoozers alike.

“Murguias cheerful watercolors animate her book with quiet whimsy, making it a just-right story for rambunctious youngsters.
—The New York Times Book Review

Murguia’s limpid watercolors and adorable snails charm.”
Publisher's Weekly



Snail Story (coloring page pdf)

These snails sure seem to be on a mission…but where are they headed? It’s your job to tell their story—and add color to their world.

Build Your Own Snail (pdf download)

Snippet and his family each have their own very special shells. This sheet is filled with colors and patterns to mix, match, and create your own unique snails.

Snippet the Early Riser discussion/activity guide 
(pdf download)