Work in progress

The Too-Scary Story


ISBN: 978-0545732420


Grace wants Papa to tell her a scary bedtime story... but her little brother Walter doesn’t want it to be TOO scary! So as Papa invents the story of two children out for a walk in the woods, Grace and Walter take turns correcting him. But when darkness falls, a shadow looms, and footsteps follow the children all the way home, will the siblings triumph over the too-scary story?

“Illustrations that adeptly transition between the creepy and cheerful sides of the story’s nighttime world perfectly complement the equally nimble text. Fun and frisson in just the right balance.”—Kirkus Reviews Read the full review.

“Murguia’s page turns are impeccably timed in The Too-Scary Story.”—Shelf Awareness

“An expert storyteller, Murguia weaves together two layers, pulling in her characters and the reader.—BookPage