zoe gets ready


ISBN: 978-0545342155



Each day is full of possibilities, and Zoe wants to be ready for everything this one might bring. But that makes getting dressed really, really hard! As the clothes pile up and Mama tells her it’s time to go, there’s only one way Zoe can be sure she’s prepared for all the adventures ahead—a solution that will have parents laughing in recognition and kids nodding in satisfaction. 

This seemingly simple idea subtly encompasses much larger themes about creativity and independence. With layers of meaning, a spunky, fun-loving heroine, and clever use of the butterfly motif throughout, this one is a keeper.”—Booklist

“…hard to resist—Zoe has only dots for eyes and a mouth, but readers will know that within that oversize head (crowned by two pigtails) there’s an outsize imagination and thirst for adventure.
—Publishers Weekly


Zoe Dress Up! (pdf download)

Help Zoe get ready to run, jump, hide, skip, hop, harvest, wander, cloud-watch and star-gaze by choosing and coloring her outfit.

Butterflies! (coloring page pdf)

In Zoe Gets Ready, Zoe imagines butterflies that go along with her on each adventure. Decorate these butterflies to match your clothes or your mood!

Zoe Gets Ready discussion guide (pdf download)