30 Lessons Learned, #24: The Cover May Paralyze You

Before I get into this week's post, I want to let folks know that you can enter to win a copy of Buglette at Goodreads. As well, there will be fun giveaways happening here on the blog in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! :)

I tried a few sketch directions and everyone gravitated toward one image fairly quickly. After a few small revisions, the sketch was approved. (Whew, one hurdle down!) The cover image was straightforward -- it was not a huge challenge for me technically. But, I found it very difficult to actually do the cover. It had to be perfect. It was the cover after all. Paralysis set in and lasted for a while. And then, multiple rounds with the tiniest variations began. Thank goodness for deadlines or I might still be working on it.

Now that it is done, I am happy. I like the simplicity and color combinations. I also enjoyed doing the lettering.