30 Lessons Learned, #27: Order Up (Restaurant Supplies for the Illustrator)

Technically, I learned about these gadgets after I finished Buglette. But, they are just so awesome that I have to let people know. If I'm the last one to this party and you all have had these in your studios forever, well, then please humor me. :)

These are slide order racks -- yes, the contraptions in diners that seem to magically hold orders in the air. It just so happens that you can get them in various lengths and they hold art, too. What could be more perfect for multi-page work? You can see everything at once, move images around easily and you don't have to deal with tape or any other nonsense of the sort. I think they are filled with marbles. Maybe magical marbles. If you choose not to hang them on the wall and just play with them instead, they are the loudest rain sticks you have ever encountered. (Sorry about the ugly, ugly flash photography.)