Today is Zoe's birthday! Zoe Gets Ready is officially on shelves now. I realize I've done very little rambling about this book on my blog. So...

Zoe Gets Ready is a story about how one little girl chooses her outfit for the day. It is Saturday and no one tells young Zoe which uniform or pants or skirt are required. Zoe surveys her closet and gleefully imagines how each item might allow her to more fully experience the day.

While this book is covered with glittery little girlie goodness, it contains some very universal messages. Zoe Gets Ready is a story about the power of daydreaming. It is an ode to unstructured time. And in a world where we are often encouraged to fit into predefined, predetermined costumes and characters, this story is a reminder that the right outfit can make you feel more like yourself—not someone else. It acknowledges the complexity of identity—that on any given day, for example, there are moments when we choose to be bold and moments when we choose to be meek. Most of all, it celebrates the ability to believe in unlimited possibilities.

I'm very proud of this book. Many thanks to my editor, Cheryl Klein, for her vision.

There are all kinds of great ZOE GETS READY events on the horizon, beginning with my book launch at Book Passage on May 19th at 4:00 pm.

Praise for Zoe Gets Ready:
This seemingly simple idea subtly encompasses much larger themes about creativity and independence. With layers of meaning, a spunky, fun-loving heroine, and clever use of the butterfly motif throughout, this one is a keeper. —Booklist